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Pet Posting Policy

Pet Posting Policy

The Pets category is intended to help pet rescue organizations, shelters, owners, certified breeders, and pet supply vendors connect.

We only allow the rehoming (re-adoption) of pets based on a small adoption fee.

The Pets category is to help people find good, safe and caring homes for their pets as well as find accessories and services related to owning pets.

Please respect and adhere to the following rules when posting an ad on Doogie: 

  • Doogie strongly opposes and prohibits the buying and selling of pets through pet mills, uncertified breeders, and pet shops.
  • In many countries, laws make it a federal offense to sell an animal of a recognized breed as, purebred, registered, or eligible to be registered if it is not. 
  • The term “purebred” is a confirmation of genetic background and adherence to breed characteristics, in accordance with the requirements of the Act and the by-laws of the authorized breed association. When posting your ad, this means that you can only advertise your animal as purebred if it applies to this definition.
  • The term “registered” is confirmation that all the rules of eligibility of the authorized breed association with local and federal laws have been met.
  • If an animal of a recognized breed is sold as purebred, registered or eligible to be registered, the seller is obligated to provide a duly transferred certificate of registration to the buyer not later than six months after the sale.
  • Doogie does not allow any type of Breeding service (such as stud services) for any domestic pets.
  • Pet listings posted in the Pets section may not be listed as Free unless there is no adoption fee.
  • Pet listings cannot ask for an adoption fee larger than $500 USD. In addition, any price listed must be clearly marked as an “adoption fee” in the listing.
  • Doogie does not permit ads that indicate signs of or encouraging animal cruelty. We will listen very closely to our community for any reports of suspected cases of illegal practices or animal cruelty. Accounts may be suspended if the complaint is deemed legitimate.
  • Doogie prohibits the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks old. Date of birth for these animals must be clearly stated in the ad. 
  • Please do not post for sale any animals that are:
    • On the endangered species list
    • Wild animals
    • Animals that are not permitted to be owned or sold in any location. 
  • Doogie is not intended to facilitate uncontrolled breeding or irresponsible commercial pet trading. For this reason, certified breeders are permitted to post a maximum of three (3) breeds only on Doogie (including mixed breeds). Posting more than three, even if only three are advertised on the site at one time, is not permitted.
  • You may not post any listings for the following dog breeds:
    • Wolf Hybrid
    • Pit Bull Terrier
    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy)
    • American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)
    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • American Bully
    • Any dog that is a mixed-breed of these breeds, and has the characteristics substantially similar to pitbulls.
  • Doogie does not allow any ads that offer shipment of animals. Animals may only be sold locally so that the transactions can occur in person. 
  • Doogie does not allow the sale of cats or dogs by Pet Stores. All other animals however are acceptable.