Learn Salesforce Coding online and start your career as a

 Salesforce Developer.

Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the world, and it needs more talented developers to build applications on its platform. With our live instruction course, you can learn how to code on the Salesforce platform.

Why should you become a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce is used by many companies and enterprises of all sizes. This robust CRM platform helps businesses to improve its sales, marketing, financial, and operational processes. Salesforce's rich feature set requires talented administrators and developers to build useful applications to enhance business efficiency and growth.

what you get

What you will learn in our online course...

Other courses teach students how to administrate in Salesforce, but they don't put enough emphasis on the programmatic aspects of the platform. Most employers nowadays are searching for developers who understand the core concepts of software engineering.

 Our Salesfforce Development course solely focuses on the coding aspect of the Salesforce platform as well as helping our students gain sufficient understanding of the administrative side of Salesforce.

Apex Programming

Apex is the core server-side programming language created by Salesfor ce.

It is used to build back-end logic that interacts with on-page components and applications in Salesforce.

Process Builder / Flow Designer

Process Builder and Flow Builder are two declarative tools that are used to build applications via simple user interaces.

You will learn when to use these tools, and when to use Apex as an alternative.

Intro to Salesforce Lightning

Learn the basics of Salesforce's newest version of the platform, Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX) - including some basic JavaScript and UI design.


Instructor-Led Online Training

We are a team of Salesforce professionals led by Ron Buchanan, the founder. We exist to provide supplemental training for aspiring Salesforce admins and developers seeking deeper knowledge of the programming side of the Salesforce ecosystem.

We understand that many courses don't provide enough training and resources in this area. That's why we're here!

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